Ya gotta start somewhere…


spring in my yard


Although I’ve given up many of my perfectionistic ways to save my sanity…a few of them linger…

Like the need to start at the very beginning…when telling a story….when cleaning my house top to bottom.  Ok, not so much the house cleaning…not the top to bottom thing anyway…I’m in survival mode most days in that department.

IF…I waited until I could start at the beginning….(A) It would take my whole life to get to this point in the story of my life…(B) I would have to cease living my current life to share the narrative of my past…

Either way…that won’t work.

I’m going to stretch myself and just jump right in the middle – the HERE and NOW.

Back story to follow at a later date….

We’re jumping into the foster care system, and we’re so excited!!!  Not excited in a blind, naive sort of way, but excited in a “God is orchestrating our lives and leading us in a new direction” sort of way.

Will it be hard?  YES! 

Will it be amazing?  YES! 

Will God use every circumstance to teach us and grow us?  YES!

Does that mean all puppy dogs and rainbows and Kodak moments?  Ummm…not so much…

Genesis 1:1 starts out, “In the beginning, God…” and that is indeed the beginning of our narrative as well – “In the beginning, God.”  And I can testify from many, many past experiences, that when the story starts out with “In the beginning, God…” whatever comes after that is rich and full and “covered over” by Him.

So welcome to our journey!

What experiences have you had with foster care/adoption?  Please share!  We’re all in this together!



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